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Awarding-Winning Culinary Competition Charter Yacht Chefs!

One of the real strengths in the crewed charter yacht industry in the Virgin Islands is the abundance of highly talented chefs. You’d never dream that we served over 90,000 meals in a 3'x6’ galley during our tenure as professional charter yacht crew. But, it’s a fact. We did! Along the way, we discovered that we had a real passion for competing in the culinary competitions for yachts. Honored by 11 awards, these competitions gave us a strong presence in the industry. 

We continue to promote the talented, hard-working chefs aboard charter yachts in the U.S. Virgin Islands and British Virgin Islands by featuring them on this page. These shows brings together charter yacht brokers from around the world, crews with their yachts and industry support business representatives. With daytime viewing, evening socials and a myriad of competitions, it is the perfect venue for crews to launch into an active charter season.

Click on the highlighted crewed charter yacht web links below to learn more about each one! You'll find 4-5 pages of details on each award-winning catamaran, motor yacht, power cat and sailboat. 

Mediterranean Yacht Chefs Meet Surf ’n’ Turf in this Year’s Competition in Nafplio, Greece 2018

Crewed Yacht Charter Cuisine

The 5th Mediterranean Yacht Show, which took place from April 28 to May 1, 2018, proved to be a resounding success, with more than 107 luxury crewed charter yachts participating in the event. There were over 400 professionals from all over the world attending. In addition, two highly acclaimed award-winning chefs, 2 Michelin star Chef Georgianna Hiliadaki and the 2 Michelin star Chef Antonio Mellino joined the panel of judges to judge the challenging Chefs’ Competition. The port town of Nafplion was once again the perfect location for hosting this annual celebration of yachting tourism in Greece. The show this year attracted more entries than the other international shows.

Yacht Charter Chefs Competition Judges 2018

The crews of the superb collection of yachts had the chance to shine and to display their skills and creativity in the culinary contest based on the theme of Surf ’n’ Turf, which proved to be an extremely close race. Within the context of creating a dish that combined both seafood and red meat, the chefs managed to impress the demanding judging panel with their flair and originality. Locally sourced produce from land and sea was utilized to the maximum and each dish demonstrated the wide variety of fresh ingredients available in Greece. Using a selection of seafood and fish, as well as red & white meat and even foie gras, there were several variations on the theme. Some dishes had a classic feel and others were more contemporary in style, but the judges were in accordance with one thing; the excellent level of presentation and expertise. Yachts participating in the competition also had the opportunity to enter the Tablescaping Competition in which the crews’ talents at laying an elegant and appealing table are assessed.

Category A: This category was open to yachts that charge a daily charter rate of up to 6.999 euro in high season. The chefs created dishes which perfectly represented the theme of Surf ‘n’ Turf and the best entries were chosen for their attention to detail, taste and overall skill. The winners were as follows:

1st Place
Yacht: M/Y Nashira NV
Chef: Konstantinos Vlantikas

2nd Place
Yacht: S/Y Nova
Chef: Sotirios Bempedelis

3rd Place
Yacht: M/Y Thirty Love
Chef: Nicholas Papakonstantinou

Tablescaping Winner

The winner of the elegant 
Tablescaping Competition was:

Yacht: M/Y Nashira NV
Stewardess: Valentina Konstantinova

Category A Platinum: This category was open to yachts that charge a daily charter rate of 7.000 euro and above in high season. The standard of the dishes was particularly high, with reworks of the classic theme and contemporary touches reflecting international trends. The winners were as follows:

1st Place
Yacht: M/Y Option B
Chef: Andrea Vercelli

2nd Place
Yacht: M/Y L’ Equinox
Chef: Ioannis Venieris

3rd Place
Yacht: M/Y Martina
Chef: Dimitris Brinios

Tablescaping Winner

The winner of the elegant 
Tablescaping Competition was:

Yacht: M/Y Dragon
Stewardess / Steward: Evelyn Rich / Dimitris Arvanitis

Motor yacht DragonAfter two days of cooking, tasting and judging, the winners of the challenging Chefs’ Competition and Tablescaping Competition were announced at the farewell party of the 5th Mediterranean Yacht Show, which took place on Tuesday 1 May at Fougaro Arts and Cultural Centre.

As every year, the tense build-up leading to the naming of the winners ended in a joyous celebration as they received the coveted prizes. AMC Metropolitan College, a Silver Sponsor of the show, also presented scholarships to the jubilant winners while Domaine Skouras, the prestigious Greek wine producer, was the main sponsor of the event, along with the award-winning 3Sixty Cafe Bar and Wine Restaurant. 

Photo Credits





Sponsored by: 
Laurent Perrier - Bacchus Wines - Le Gout du Vin - 
Boat International Media Group - Showboats - Dockwalk -
   Marina Casa De Campo - Yachting Matters



For the chefs a "Caribbean Sunday Funday Brunch"

Tablescaping contest theme "The Caribbean Sea"


And the winners are: 

Tuesday 5th December Yachts 164ft and over

Chefs Competition: 1st place CAITLIN KENNEDY - YACHT ANDIAMO




Wednesday 6th December Yachts 126ft yo 163ft

Tablescaping Winner: THREE FORKS

Chefs Competition: 1st place HARRIET MANSELL - YACHT SARISSA




Thursday 7th December Yachts 125ft and under


Chefs Competition: 1st place TAVA SCHIB - YACHT VIGILANT 1




Catamaran Xenia 74 Yacht Charter Vacation Cuisine



British Virgin Islands: The BVI Charter Yacht Society show awarded Best of Show to Catamaran Foxy Lady, operated by Jason Van Groen & Kate Fairfield. The Lagoon 620 Catamaran, launched in June 2011, was selected by a group of anonymous brokers who assessed each vessel on a whole spectrum of qualities that make a charter yacht and crew a a winning combination. These qualities included tidiness, personal touches and crew attitude.



Best Lunch Entree: Tyler Dawson aboard Zingara    

    Runner-up Rebecca Silva aboard Anastasia

Best Dessert: Angelique Coetzer aboard Xenia 74    

    Runner-up Rebecca Silva aboard Anastasia


St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands: The success of the USVI Charter Yacht Show proved St. Thomas is back on the map and open for business in terms of marine tourism in the wake of two major hurricanes in September. Sixty-six charter yacht brokers from the Caribbean, U.S. and Europe visited the three-dozen luxurious 40- to 93-foot sailing and power yachts that nearly filled the available docks at IGY’s Yacht Haven Grande Marina. The most recent show was hosted by the VI Professional Charter Association (VIPCA).


Winners of the various contests highlighted the caliber of the Virgin Island’s crewed yacht industry. 62-foot Privilege catamaran ANASTASIA won Best Crew and Best Boat over 50 feet

Best Crew in the under 50-foot category went to the 45-foot Leopard, FREE INGWE

Best Boat to the 47-foot Nautitech catamaran, NEMO

Chef, Rebecca Silva, aboard ANASTASIA earned first place in the Entrée and Dessert competition

Chef Missy Kay on the 47-foot Leopard catamaran, Pisces, took top honors in appetizers.


Chefs were tasked to create dishes incorporating coffee by VI Coffee Roasters.

Top Yacht Charter Chefs in the Virgin Islands & Antigua 2016

Chef Eric Davis at Antigua Luxury Crewed Yacht Charters

The talented yacht charter Chefs of the Caribbean competed for the right to claim their place in the spotlight in the yachting industry at 3 consecutive charter yacht broker shows in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, Tortola, British Virgin Islands and in Antigua in November & December. Let's take an in-depth look at the winners at each yachting event and honor their efforts. We've posted links to their crewed yacht charter vacation websites. Yacht Charters Guru has been honored with 11 Culinary Competitions wins at past charter yacht events. Yes! We definitely support & promote crewed yacht charter Chefs! These industry professionals took off their bikinis (and swim trunks), put on their working toques and showed everyone who is the "Best of the Best" this season! 


First, let's take a look at the winners in the USVI:  


Winners at the 2016 VICL Crewed Charter Yacht Culinary Competition

The VICL Culinary Contest always chooses a unique local ingredient to test the Chef's knowledge of island cuisine. This year, the judges were required to use Tamarind in their presentations.


First Place in the VICL Culinary Competition was awarded to Alisson Shivone on Catamaran PENTILSEA II, Second Place was captured by Denise De Almeida on Catamaran BELLA VITA and Third Place went to Erin Kalafski Catamaran RAVEN.


The Crewed Yacht Charter Cocktail Hour Competition Winners were: First Place- Catamaran FRANGINES- Ryan Querry and Second Place Catamaran RAVEN- Luke Furnas


CYBA- The Charter Yacht Brokers Association has made great strides in promoting the use of all the yacht's onboard reverse-osmosis water systems, thereby reducing the amount of plastic water bottles being disposed in the islands. This year's winners for the creative infused  "homemade" water contest were Catamaran NEMO with runners up Catamaran MANGO & Catamaran MAKAI closely following. An honorable mention was awarded to catamaran ISLAND R&R.


This year's crews really got into the swing of Mardi Gras with a costume contest! First Place was awarded to Catamaran ZEPHYR's Matt Miles, Second Place to Monohull SUBLIME's Chef Stephanie Johnson and Third Place to Capt. Bill                                                                          Pickney onboard Catamaran LADY DEE


Catamaran Winners at the 2016 VICL Crewed Charter Yacht Culinary Competition


The BVI Charter Yacht Society Show Held at Nanny Cay Marina in Tortola, BVI: 


Winners at the 2016 CYS BVI CYS Charter Yacht Society Culinary Competition

Best Appetizer ON Yachts Under 60'

GRAHAM'S PORT: Rebecca Evan

XENIA 50: Jade Konst / Runner Up

Best Entree on Yachts Under 60' 

SECRET OASIS: Georgia Stoica

GRAHAM'S PORT: Rebecca Evans


Best Dessert on Yachts Under 60'

XENIA 50: Jade Konst

SECRET OASIS: Georgia Stoica


Best Appetizer on Yachts Over 60'

XENIA 62: Chrizaan Troch

BAMARANDI: Audrey Harper / Runner Up


Best Entree on Yachts Over 60'


TIGER LILY: Nikki Felman

Best Dessert on Yachts Over 60'

AKASHA: Briar Smith



Best Dish Overall: Chocolate Lobster Mofongo by Georgia Stoica on SECRET OASIS




Winners at the 2016 CYS BVI Charter Yacht Society Best in Show CompetitionThe yachts voted BEST IN SHOW:


Yachts Under 57':



Capt. Mario Caron & Chef Karine Durocher

ALTESSE / Runner Up

Capt. Richard & Chef Sarah Bowman


Yachts 57' & Over:


Capt. Donald & Chef Audrey Harper & B. Evans

LUAR / Runner Up

Jonathan Flint & Samantha Hodge


Best Motor Yacht

SEA BOSS: Capt. Darrell Heame & Chef Jennifer Hart


Best in Show: 

LIR: Capt. Greg & Chef Vaness Langridge



The 17th annual Antigua Charter Yacht Show’s Concours de Chef competition featured a Caribbean Surf & Turf Theme.




The winners were announced at The Admirals Inn in Nelson’s Dockyard

Sponsors: Boat InternationalDockwalkShowBoats InternationalLaurent Perrier ChampagneBacchus Wines/Le Gout du Vin St. MaartenLiat Quikpak Express, and National Marine Suppliers.

The Chefs were judged on the following: 

• Originality/ Creativity  • Presentation • Taste/Flavor •  Adaptation to theme/Caribbean twist • Execution Craft/Technique • Overall Impression  


Yachts in the 160 feet and greater category:  


Motor Yacht Trending: Chef Charlie Blacker / Grand Prize

Luxury Crewed Motor Yacht Trending 

Chef Charlie Blacker of Motor Yacht Trending

Award-winning Chef Charlie Blacker


Motor Yacht Elysian: Chef Karl Elliot / 2nd Place

Luxury Crewed Motor Yacht Elysian


Motor Yacht Callisto: Kdn Lyne / 3rd Place

Luxury Crewed Motor Yacht Charter Callisto


Yachts in the 126 feet to 164 feet category:


Motor Yacht Excellence: Chef Eric Davis 

Luxury Crewed Motor Yacht Charter Vacations on Excellence


Motor Yacht Remember When : Chef Daniela Sanchez / 2nd Place

Luxury Crewed Motor Yacht Charter Vacations on Remember When


Motor Yacht At Last: Chef Michael Power

 Luxury Crewed Motor Yacht Charter Vacations on m/y At Last


Yachts up to 126 feet category: 

Sailing Yacht P2: Chef Sheree Murray / 1st Place

Luxury Crewed Sailing Yacht Charter Vacation on P2


Motor Yacht Unbridled: Chef Dan Wright / 2nd Place

Luxury Crewed Yacht Charter Vacation on Motor Yacht Unbridled


Sailing Yacht Toto: Chef Lauren Loudon / 3rd Place


Tablescaping Competition: 


Motor Yacht Callisto: Stewardesses Olivia Cserjen

Luxury Crewed Yacht Charter Vacation on Callisto


Crewed Sailing Luxury Yacht Charter Vacations on Germaina Nova


Motor Yacht Trending: Charlie Blacker


About Us: Captain Randy & Shelly Tucker


We're former Owners & Captain of the Award-winning 72' yacht Three Moons for 18 years. With over 300 charters in our logbook, we currently represent privately crewed Caribbean sailing luxury yacht charters as professional CYBA yacht charter brokers. Recently, we interviewed over 120 catamarans, motor yachts, sailboats and professional crews. We're happy to promote these yachts offering modern conveniences & unlimited pleasure while sailing the U.S. Virgin Islands and British Virgin Islands.


What should you expect from a luxury crewed yacht charter in the Caribbean? It's "all about you, all the time" onboard a privately crewed charter boat! It's surprisingly affordable too! Far away from overcrowded cruise ships, all-inclusive charter yachts allow you to explore some of the Caribbean’s most exclusive areas and delight in the natural, unspoiled beauty of secluded islands, hidden coves and secret dive sites. Sail to a nearby island every day & snorkel around your own private beaches; enjoy your favorite cocktail while watching the sunset on your own private yacht; indulge yourself with 5-star gourmet cuisine that is prepared with Caribbean flair and served in the most beautiful surroundings you could ever imagine.


We love matching the right crew & yacht with you!

Winners of the Grenada Charter Yacht Show Culinary Competition 2016


1st Place: Chef Miranda Hartstone of Sailing Charter Yacht Taboo


TABOO is a family operated yacht. For twenty years Miranda and David, and now Travers ( their son ) and always a pretty Stewardess are your crew. Your sailing vacation is the life they love to live in the Caribbean. They are considered the leaders in the industry, and offer a very tidy show while you are with them on TABOO..The great thing about chartering an owner operated yacht is...they want you to return and sail with them again, and of course 90% of their business is repeat and referral. Miranda & David are both professional photographers. They will edit 300 pics of the vacation and will send them in DVD format with music, plus a full movie of your experience aboard and on land in DVD ...HDV..with surround sound free of charge!.. This is a real plus and added value to take home. 


2nd Place: Julie King aboard Sailing Yacht Columbo Breeze


Dish: Local Sea Urchin Bisque with Local Caught Tuna, Nutmeg Glaze and Mango Carpaccio 















3rd Place: Emilie Keese on Catamaran Manna


Caribbean Seasoned Grilled Filet Mignon & Shrimp Wontons


Chef Emily Keese and Capt. Wayne are dedicated to working with missionaries and humanitarian efforts throughout the year by donating their entire gratuity that is received at the end of a charter. This tax deductible gratuity given by their guests goes into a non-profit 501(c)(3) "Manna for Missionaries" that supports the many different programs throughout the world, making the yacht's overall purpose very impressive. This catamaran has plenty of space and is smartly designed to sleep up to 8 guests. The light wood and modern accents give the charter yacht a sophisticated feel. Two large queen and two double guest cabins offer complete privacy with ensuite heads and separate showers. You'll enjoy fun activities such as on board SCUBA, kayaking, snorkeling, water skiing, wake boarding and fishing. 


Award-Winning Culinary Skills at the 35th Newport Charter Yacht Show

Award Winning Yacht Charter Chefs 2016Chefs from six yachts competed for “Best Charter Yacht Chef” honors at the Newport Charter Yacht Show presented by Helly Hansen. The show, held June 21-24, 2016 at the Newport Shipyard, featured categories including Tablescaping, Healthy Beverage and Sunset Canapé as categories in culinary-related competitions that gave chefs and crews on the show’s registered yachts a chance to shine, revealing not only their professional skills but also their personalities.

Show organizers chose “Healthy Luxury” as this year’s theme for the contests, since maintaining a healthy lifestyle while chartering is an industry trend. In today's world, guests onboard have different dietary requirements, so chefs need to have a five-star range of knowledge of trends, cuisines and diets.

For the Best Charter Yacht Chef competition, entrants were provided with a mystery basket filled with 29 fresh farm-to-yacht ingredients & a request for a healthy diet entree. They had the morning to prepare and in the afternoon presented their dishes to a panel of three judges: Allen Ferreira, head chef at Belle’s Café; Thomas Orr from Engineered Marine Coatings, a show sponsor; and Bruce Newbury, host of WADK radio’s “Dining Out with Bruce Newbury” and “Talk of the Town.”

Motor Yacht Siete Charter Chef CuisineBest Charter Yacht Chef Winners: 

1st Place: Chef Craig Rosado: 115' Motor Yacht SIETE / Asparagus Soup infused with Strawberry Puree, Spring Roll and Fresh Greens "Your Passion for Food Shows on Your Plate"

2nd Place: Chef Christy Dempster: 107' Motor Yacht REFLECTIONS / Couscous Salad with asparagus, Arugula and Roasted Radishes

3rd Place: Chef Caylet Coulboum of BANDIDO

Sunset Canapé Winner: 

Chef Linn Sagstad: 65' Sailing Yacht HURRAH

(photo credit: NCYS/Billy Black)

TOP YACHT CHEFS - 41st USVI / VICL Charter Yacht League 2015
1st PLACE- Chef Nia Moynihan / Yacht: PISCES- 47’ Leopard Catamaran
Entry: Rastafarian Surf & Turf: Butter Poached Lobster over Filet Mignon with 3 Sauces-Salsa Verde, Honey Chipotle and Mango White Wine Vinaigrette









2nd PLACE- Chef/Capt. Tyler Dunn / Yacht: TWO IF BY SEA- 45’ Alex Simonis Catamaran
Entry: Lobster Corndog


3rd PLACE- Chef Sherry Turner / Yacht: MAKAI- 50’ Voyage Catamaran


JUDGING: Each chef contestant prepared a dish for 5 celebrity judges to taste. The dishes were evaluated anonymously according to the following criteria: 
Serving Methods & Presentation — 10 points
Creativity & Ingredient Compatibility — 15 points
Flavor, Taste, and Texture — 25 points

Sponsored by Grand Marnier

TOP YACHT CHEFS - 34th Annual BVI Charter Yacht Show 2015

Best Appetizer

1ST PLACE – Briar Smith, AKASHA

2ND PLACE – Jade Konst, XENIA 50

Best Lunch Entree

1ST PLACE – Christine Hedeline, VACOA


2ND PLACE – Cameron Rookensmith, 19th HOLE

Best Dessert

1ST PLACE – Maroussia Gust, LONDON SKY
Entry: Banoffee Hot Chocolate Fondant, with Caramelized Rum Bananas and Dark and Stormy Ice Cream

2ND PLACE – Richard West, LADY KATLO

Best Dish Overall: Richard West, LADY KATLO

Best Use of Mount Gay Rum: Cameron Rookensmith, 19th HOLE

Best Impressive Use of Fresh Local Ingredients: Phillipa King, FLYING GINNY

Best Rum Drink: Jade Konst ,  XENIA 50

Honorable Mention: Kristine Andreassen, XENIA 74

Sponsored by Mount Gay Rum


Best Multihull Under 57'












TOP YACHT CHEFS - 40th Annual USVI / VICL Charter Yacht League 2014

1st PLACE- Chef Louise Langello / Yacht: PISCES- 47’ Leopard Catamaran
Entry: The Grand Mariner’s Spoon

2nd PLACE- Chef Julie Bennett / Yacht: FELICIA- 65’ Privilege Catamaran
Entry: Raspberry Marscapone stuffed Croissant French Toast w/Grand Marnier Syrup

3rd PLACE- Chef Leah Wheeler / Yacht: CATATONIC- 44.6’ Lagoon Catamaran

JUDGING: Each chef contestant prepares a dish for 5 celebrity judges to taste. The dishes will be evaluated anonymously according to the following criteria: 
Serving Methods & Presentation — 10 points
Creativity & Ingredient Compatibility — 15 points
Flavor, Taste, and Texture — 25 points

Sponsored by Grand Marnier

TOP YACHT CHEFS - 33rd Annual BVI Charter Yacht Show 2014

Congrats to David Richmond who won in all three categories at the 2014 competition! More about the Chef:  Chef David, who grew up in a little fishing village in southwestern Wales, made his way to London after culinary school. During his time there, he worked two years for Marco Pierre White, Britain’s first celebrity chef and three Michelin-star winner, and cooked for Queen Elizabeth and Sir Elton John. After 12 years, Chef David decided to take a break from the bustle of the big city and became head chef at The Last Resort restaurant in the British Virgin Islands. Captain Patrick managed to convince him to share his culinary masterpieces on Lady Katlo.

Video by Charter Yacht Reaction


1st PLACE – David Richmond, LADY KATLO
Entry: Rum Pulled Pork Belly, Red Cabbage Slaw, Frozen Sour Sop & Citrus Reduction
2ND PLACE – Valentina Ferrario, NEMO
3RD PLACE – Briar Smith, AKASHA


1ST PLACE – David Richmond, LADY KATLO
2ND PLACE – Patricia Romero Sobeira, ZYLKENE
3rd PLACE – Valentina Ferrario, NEMO


1ST PLACE – David Richmond, LADY KATLO
Entry: Banoffee Hot Chocolate Fondant, with Caramelized Rum Bananas and Dark and Stormy Ice Cream
3RD PLACE – Tory Peters, ZUMA

Best Use of Mount Gay Rum

1ST PLACE – Valentina Ferrario, NEMO
2ND PLACE – Tory Peters, ZUMA
3RD PLACE – Audrey Harper, ALETHIA

Best Use of Local Ingredients:

1st Place: Ceri Beddard,  LADY KATLO

Special Mention


Sponsored by Mount Gay Rum

More Charter Yacht Top Chefs...

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