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One Step Closer to Non-Stop Flights from Miami to Tortola, British Virgin Islands

BVI Airways direct flights from Miami to Tortola

The British Virgin Islands, fondly known as "Nature's Little Secrets" are one step closer to long awaited non-stop flights from Miami, FL to Tortola, British Virgin Islands! This popular group of islands will now be more easily accessible to those flying commercially starting with three flights weekly. It's been predicted that there will one flight daily and in the high season, as demand builds, two to three flights daily. They have also concluded that having a direct service, with gourmet meals and first class cabins, the BVI travel experience will be transformed with this 2.5 hour flight.

British Virgin Islands Airways Non-Stop FlightsBVI Airways announced on January 25th 2017 that it has received a revised Air Operator Certificate (AOC) from its U.K.-based regulator, Air Safety Support International, the U.K. Civil Aviation Authority for the United Kingdom Overseas Territories. The AOC granted BVI Airways authority to operate its Avro RJ 100 jet aircraft from Beef Island airport in Tortola, BVI
“This is a significant step forward toward commencing the first-ever non-stop flights between the United States and the BVI,” said Jerry Willoughby, President and CEO of BVI Airways. “With the AOC in hand, we can immediately file with the United States Department of Transportation to obtain the necessary approvals to fly into the U.S.  We look forward to completing the process so we may begin providing our much anticipated scheduled non-stop jet service between Tortola and Miami.”

Premier and minister of finance, Dr Orlando Smith said in an interview earlier this month, "We made good on our promise and expect consequential infrastructural development in the tourism sector; higher participation of BVI businesses in activity outside of the BVI; and ultimately more employment opportunities for our people. The partnership with BVI Airways is meant to fill the immediate need to solve our air access issues and constitutes another investment by my government in the continued development of the BVI economy and its people.” The BVI government has invested $7 million to develop the service with BVI Airways between Miami and Beef Island airport in Tortola.

BVI Airways Non-Stop Flights from Miami to Tortola

Chairman of the BVI Tourist Board, Russell Harrigan, stated, “As a tourism destination, we will for the first time take charge of our future and our collective objective of building a year round destination, tapping new markets, expanding our annual calendar of events and growing events such as the Lobster Fest, doing more in sports tourism, we will have an airline partner for our summer and fall packages, and yes tapping into the BVI Brand in the financial services space to encourage more persons to do business here as well as vacation in the BVI. Additionally, this flight also has the potential to create completely new business opportunities.”
USA to Tortola Non-Stop Direct Flights via MiamiTo obtain the necessary approvals to operate in the United States, BVIA is applying to the Department of Transportation for Foreign Air Carrier Economic Authority. Once the application is accepted, the next step is to file with the FAA’s International Field Office near Miami for operating authority under FAR Part 129. Concurrently, BVIA will be completing the required applications and certifications with TSA and Homeland Security. The timeframe to complete the entire process is estimated to be approximately 60 days. Once approved, BVI Airways will be allowed to begin ticket sales and the first official flights can be scheduled. They project that the Miami to Tortola flights may begin in late April to mid-May. “We are working as fast as we can to make this happen,” said Willoughby. “But the regulatory process, by its nature, is outside of our control.”

With the AOC from ASSI, however, BVIA has the authority to fly intra-Caribbean scheduled and charter flights and once they receive their United States approvals, they will be able to fly charter flights from US as well.
BVIA has already purchased two British-made AVRO RJ 100’s; four-engine jets that will have seating for 85 passengers, including 12 seats in Premier Class. 
Those interested in being instantly alerted concerning the date when tickets sales begin, and for the announcement of the date of the first scheduled flights, can sign up on the airline’s website – – or follow them on their Facebook page.

Photo & Video Credits: Shaun Munro, BVI Airways, SkyVision VI Production

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