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Cheers from the Boat Charter Crew with Caribbean Coquito!

Crewed Yacht Boat Charter Recipe for CoquitoThis week we're celebrating all our wonderful clients over the past 18 years of chartering aboard our 72' yacht. Collectively, they've taught us so much about the holidays, each with their own traditions and love of coming together during this special time of the year. We're all cut from the same "sail" cloth and are naturally drawn to the turquoise waters of the Caribbean. Our love for the islands bonds us together tightly to which we return again and again. 

As crew with a special talent for enlightened hospitality, we introduced our holiday sailing vacation yacht charter guests to our favorite island cocktail tradition. What would the holidays be without a bit of sunny island cheer & rum? We have the perfect recipe for you! Making a gallon of this heavenly concoction called Coquito and then taking it to beach along with ice & cups is a great way to spend an afternoon under the palm trees in the warm sunshine! 

The easiest way to describe Coquito [pronounced "koh-kee-toh"] to those who aren't familiar with it, is to call it a "Puerto Rican eggnog." But to be honest, we don't care for eggnog. Coquito is so much better than that. If you like eggnog. If you like coconut. If you like cold, frothy drinks spiked heavy with rum, you will like this. You will really, really like this.

Christmas in the Caribbean Coquito

1 14oz can unsweetened coconut milk
1 12oz can evaporated milk
1 15 oz. can cream of coconut-Coco Lopez
2 TBS vanilla extract
1 vanilla bean (open it up, scrape the seeds to loosen them up and then toss the whole thing into the pitcher). 
THEN ADD RUM! ...start with 1/3 of a 1 liter bottle of dark Cruzan rum

We like to use Cruzan Dark and we like it STRONG! So start with adding about 1/3 of the bottle to the pitcher, taste it and then keep adding until you like the taste. You can experiment with any flavor of rum. This recipe is a lot like making a pot of soup...just keep adding and tasting until it's right or you can't feel your nose/ears...whichever comes first! 

Make sure your pitcher or container is covered. Store it in the back of the fridge for about a week before serving; but if you are like us (and we know you ARGHH! won't be able to wait that long!)

Want to learn more about vacations private crewed yacht and boat charters? Cruising on a private yacht is beyond the imagination. This is as luxurious, freeing and unforgettable as it gets; a real piece of paradise you can obtain within your budget. The sheer delight that exists onboard a private yacht is second to none and is truly the only way to experience some of the world’s most stunning locations. Uncover a destination and choose a private yacht using our yacht charter selection.

We've been sailing and chartering in this area for well over twenty five years. It's literally our "backyard" which we love and cherish. So much so, that we sold everything in 1997 and moved here as owners & operators aboard the 72' sailing yacht Three Moons. We do know the ins and outs of this special place & the people who live there. That's what makes us an official Caribbean "Yacht Charter Guru”! Why would you use anyone else with less experience to help plan your special vacation aboard a catamaran, motor yacht or sailboat

Happy Holidays from Capt. Randy & Shelly Tucker

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