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A Yacht Charter Client's Ode to Sailing Monohull Drumbeat 1

We have a long time charter client who really loves to sail on monohulls. Even the temptation of a sailing vacation on a monohull vs a new catamaran cannot dissuade him. We're thrilled because he always writes a poem about his experience. Today, we received a poem describing his excitement for his upcoming crewed yacht charter aboard the sailing monohull vacation yacht Drumbeat 1. Owners Capt. Vince and Linda Stracener have a passion for sailing and a commitment to excellence. The beauty of the ocean will be shared through their stories and lived through experience. Their attention to detail will ensure a spectacular vacation. Whether or not your desire is to kick up your heels, dive till you drop, or just relax at a secluded palm lined beach, Vince and Linda will make all your dreams come true.

Capt. Vince holds a US Coast Guard 100-ton Master’s license and is a Certified Dive Instructor. Raised in California, he attended Long Beach State University where he won several Golden Glove awards for boxing. After moving to Arkansas, (where did the ocean go?) he owned a construction business for several years. His desire for the sea drew him even further east to the Virgin Islands. He has sailed the waters here since 1993 and found his true home. As an "Outdoors" man, Vince enjoys sharing his enthusiasm for diving, fishing, and underwater photography with his guests.

Linda, Chef/First Mate, moved to the Virgin Islands from her home state of California, where she graduated from San Diego State University with a degree in Marketing. Duringher college years, she was Captain of her water-ski team and was voted "Helmsman of the Year" at the Coronado Cays Yacht Club. Her culinary history is filled with awards and it abounds with cuisine to be remembered forever. Her specialties include Caribbean dishes, upscale Continental and seafood. She has been a charter yacht chef since moving to the Islands in 1994.

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An Ode to a Sailing Aboard Yacht Drumbeat 1 by J.D of Pennsylvania

With Christmas behind us...

A  Mimosa for breakfast

And when it’s time for lunch

Perhaps a cold beer

Or some tropical punch

The bar’s always open

To be sure, no “last call”

But the dark rum is potent

So be careful, don’t fall

And New Year’s now  past

It’s time to start  thinking

Of Drumbeat’s tall mast

Moonlit cocktails begin

Linda’s fabulous dinners

Stuffed shrimp or filet

Each of them are sure winners

They’ll be fishing and scuba

You can snorkel and swim

If a nurse shark shows up

Gino’s running from him

With Mo, Joyce and Chris

B, Gino and Me

Our Crew is complete

And prepared as can be

Water toys will abound

At each anchoring spot

They’re all stowed below deck
‘cause our boat’s got a lot

The last time he saw one

Maureen was real near

So he pulled her aside

Overwhelmed with blind fear

We’ll pack as instructed

Using soft sided stuff

as the gals air complaints

That one bag’s not enough

To lead a deep dive
Captain Vince gets an “A”

He’s insured our dive team

To hold all sharks at bay

There’ll be no large finned fish

On this water excursion

Just lobster spear fishing

On this pirate’s incursion

A few hats and flip flops

Bathing suits and some tees

And one long sleeve shirt

For a stiffening breeze

Vince brought all the tanks

And all the dive stuff

No deeper than 40

that’s down far enough

An island bar’s  sure to beckon

Sitting under palm trees

Sipping our share of  drinks

While we savor the breeze

Will be all that we need

For permission to board

That magnificent craft

At the slip where she’s moored

Oh, the sights to be seen

When Vince leads us down under

We’ll see lots of  shipwrecks

Torn completely asunder

Laughs will come by the dozen

With no end to the smiles

As we sail through the Virgins

Endless sunshine swept miles

It’s time to start dreaming

Of water so blue

That until you swim in it

You’ll swear it’s not true

And spectacular coral

Awash with sea life

But just look and don’t touch

‘cause they’re sharp as a knife

It would not be a lie

Of gigantic proportion

Or a claim ridiculed 

As a foolish distortion

Captain Vince and Chef Linda

Are both ready to go

So get all fired up 

For our BVI show

After time under water

It’s time for some chow

Linda’s got it all waiting

She’s full of know how

To argue that this trip

By anyone’s guess

Will be without any doubt

Simply one of the best

The clouds will be few

And the sun will provide

A full measure of warmth 

On our Virgin boat ride

If you’ve seen Linda’s menu

You’re sure hungry already

From conch fritters & lobster

To soufflés and Brown Betty

Let the countdown commence

Less than one month away

We’ll be boarding Drumbeat

Shouting “Hip, Hip, HOORAY”!!

Our Drumbeat will slice

Through the sea at Mach One

While its crew and its guests

Relax and have fun








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