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Can I Really Afford a Crewed Yacht Charter Sailing Vacation?

Are the Middle-Class Being Squeezed out of Crewed Yacht Charter Sailing Vacations? 

Sail Three Moons Crewed Charter Yacht Vacation Boat TripsI remember thinking 18 years ago, when we sold everything we owned in Franklin, TN and bought a 72’ charter yacht, “Everyone is going to come sailing with us in the British Virgin Islands!”. The fact is that everyone in our hometown didn’t come sailing with us. They didn't think they could afford it. Maybe it’s because the word “yacht” connotes the exclusive domain of those pretentious people whose pockets are exceedingly deep. That’s true on tv, not in real life. There are real people out there right now, just like you and I, enjoying the charter yacht luxury lifestyle at a reasonable price. We have a successful history as owner/operators of a charter yacht to prove it. 

Recently, it’s come to my attention once again that the middle-class have the perception of not having enough money to afford to go on a sailing vacation. Having a reputation as someone who loves to sail and not exactly having a reputation as someone with a lot of money, I know that most anyone can afford to go sailing in the Caribbean. Granted, if you are flying all the way from California to St. Thomas, USVI, your vacation funds are going to be stretched; but it’s an attainable goal. 

On the flip side of the coin, I see many people with the same earning power as any other member of middle-class society going on ski trips or spending a week at Disney World. Neither of those trips are inexpensive. For example, if you are estimating expenses for a skiing vacation, a lift ticket for a family of 4 costs about $400 a day, the hotel including taxes will be about $1600, gear rental $800 and flights will add another $1500. And while you think you can make it on $100 a day for food, let’s face it; that’s simply not going to happen! (We can tell you for a fact that people will eat and drink almost twice on vacation what they normally consume on a normal day at home. Seriously.) So let’s figure double that amount to be on the safe side. And don’t forget souvenirs! You know your kids are just gonna die if they don’t buy something to remember their fun filled ski trip. That all comes to about $7,700 to $8,000. 

So is a sailing vacation expensive? That all depends on what you compare it to. 

Perhaps a family who would spend almost $8,000 on a week with Mickey Mouse spends that money because they know they’ll have a good time with Mickey Mouse, but they won’t spend that money on a crewed yacht charter sailing vacation because they don’t yet know if they’ll love sailing in the Caribbean. They could easily pose as King of the World from the bow of a reasonably priced charter yacht, complete with crew, all meals, drinks and private tours, minus the furry costumes. 

We were lucky enough to be introduced to sailing by way of a great vacation deal we found offered by a crewed yacht charter broker. Sailing changed our lives for the better as a couple and makes us extremely happy. There is nothing that compares with the feeling of the lift of sails as they fill with the wind and gain speed, gliding smoothly across calm turquoise water. You can take a vacation on a middle class budget. You just have to be honest about how much you are willing to spend when you talk to a charter yacht broker. While we can easily find a charter yacht for you that will cost more to rent that you make in a year, our goal is to start you out with baby steps. Maybe you can only afford 5 days, 4 nights. That’s fine. We can make anything happen within your budget. 

Yacht Charter prices Vary Depending on Different Factors: 

  • Type of yacht- Just like cars, the price of a charter depends logically on the worth of the yacht. Catamarans cost more than monohulls to build and are popular, so they are more expensive to charter. Rule: The bigger the yacht, the higher the charter cost.
  • Year the yacht was built- Younger yachts are always higher; but even perfectly maintained older luxury yachts can command a higher price.
  • Charter Period- When you go: Some yachts charge a higher rate during the peak months such as Spring Break and Holidays. Summer season rates can be less; but the weather can be humid and unsettled. 

5 Reasons Why You Want to Go on a Crewed Yacht Charter: 

  1. The yachts are luxurious and equal to 5 star hotels, complete with separate cabins and ensuite bathrooms, air conditioning, entertainment systems and 360° degree island views. 
  2. They are fun! We’ve never had a guest at the end of a week aboard a yacht say, “I didn’t enjoy myself”. The restraints of land and the busy routine do not exist on a chartered yacht. This protected archipelago of Caribbean islands makes one feel like an explorer. Every time you drop the anchor and go ashore, you feel as if you are the first to discover the island. You aren’t, of course, but it is new to your world. These places are why we sailed and chartered here for 18 years, why we travel. The places that are explored each and every day on charter grant us the feeling of discovery. 
  3. Crewed yacht charters are all-inclusive: All of your food and drinks are included. That means no keeping up with a bar tab and no surprises at the end of the week. Want and almost endless supply of Caribbean cocktails, lobster, filet mignon, fresh local fish and Caribbean cuisine prepared right in front of your eyes and served at the time of day you desire? We’ve got that! 
  4. No waiting with the masses to enjoy water sports activities. Did you say you want to scuba dive, snorkel, go kayaking, knee-boarding, wake boarding, water skiing and tubing all in one day? No problem! It’s included…and you can do it all again the next day too! 
  5. You visit a new island each day. Why would anyone want to go to the same beach everyday when you can visit multiple secluded beaches via a privately chartered yacht. This is the best way to see the British Virgin Islands, the undisputed charter sailing capital of the Caribbean. Many islands are about the destinations; here, it’s about the journey, about the island hopping. As we say, “One island is never enough”! Visiting eight islands in one week via quick hops across the well protected and calm Sir Francis Drake Channel is the norm. Would you like a glass of champagne on each beach? No problem! 
Luxury Crewed Yacht Charter Vacations

What about the costs of going on cruise ship vs. a privately crewed professional charter yacht you ask? That’s where things get interesting! We like going on cruises and enjoy the entertainment, even if it’s corny! But it’s a fact that after adding up additional expenses such as our bar tab for all those fluffy island cocktails such as Pina Coladas and ship sponsored island tours, we could have easily spent our vacation dollars on a crewed charter yacht. Instead of being herded like cattle to everything, it would have been much nicer to have a caring Captain, enthusiastic to personally teach everyone about sailing and the islands accompanied by a talented Chef who knew exactly what our tastes are and planned meals accordingly. Think you can have the luxury of planning a spur of the moment itinerary on a cruise ship to come and go when you please? Think again…you are one of the “masses”. Period. 

Let’s wrap this fun rant up with a Yacht Charters Guru dare: Check out your credit card charges from your last vacation. I know that you really don’t want to tally up the final number and admit what the last cruise ship vacation, ski vacation or trip to Disneyland really cost. I dare you to find out! …and take the time to read 18 years worth of guest comments about their experiences aboard our former charter yacht, Three Moons.

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