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Yacht Charter Guest Preferences & Required Info

Did you know that your personal yacht charter chef will prepare and serve between 300-500 dishes during your stay? Filling out the form below will provide your Chef and Crew with your likes & dislikes. It's the ultimate way of making absolutely certain that you have the perfect 5-star sailing vacation experience during your carefree charter aboard the yacht. Please remember to include your date of birth & passport number on the form. 

The most important thing the Chef needs to know is food/drink items you particularly "like" or "dislike" as well food allergies. Think about the important items that are a part of your weekly grocery cart and write them down. If you have kids who will be on the yacht, let your chef know their favorite snacks and "go to" meals. What are some of your favorites? If you are picky about certain things, then note the details. Your Chef can tailor the week's menu to everyone's tastes; but they must know before you arrive onboard the yacht. 

Brands and quantities are important too. Some items can be hard to find after the yacht leaves the dock, so the crew will provision heavily for your charter in advance. It's not unusual for the weight of the provisions for 6-8 guests plus 2-3 crew for 8 days/7 nights to top 800 pounds! Amazing isn't it? There's a lot of pre-planning done on your behalf before you arrive. By accurately providing your preferences, you will have a very happy crew!

Luxury Crewed Yacht Charter Boat Cuisine

Online Form for Your Yacht Charter Preferences & Passport Info: EVERY field must be completed before the form can be submitted.

NOTE! EVERY FIELD must be completed before this form can be submitted. If you do not see a Thank You message after submitting, go to the top of the form and look for incomplete answers marked by a red asterisk. Did you forget anything??

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Please be as specific as possible and remember to ask for what you want. Whether you have a sensitive palate or serious allergies to some foods, your provisioning and preference sheets are the place to make your needs clear.

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"Going Green to Save the Blue" Initiative

Is the water on the yacht safe to drink? Yes! Your yacht will provide plenty of safe-to-drink water from the yacht as well as bottled water. All yachts have a reverse osmosis filtration system that will supply water during your vacation. Our islands are truly struggling with the lack of local recycling facilities for plastic bottles. Yachts in both the U.S. Virgin Islands and British Virgin Islands are now asking their guests to bring along a personal water bottle if they choose. The decision is yours; but everyone appreciates your help in making our islands future greener! Please check one of the boxes below:

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Your crew needs to know as much about you as possible to ensure that your holiday expectations are met. Please give a brief description of you previous sailing or boating experience, as well as any past charter experience.
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